1. Unlike amateur athletics, ______ do not get paid for playing, professional athletes expect financial compensation.
  • (A)  so (B) who  (C) they
  1. Salaries can be _____ high that some people get angry about them.
  • (A)  such (B) very  (C) so
  1. These controversial salaries are ___________ market forces that few people fully understand.
  • (A)  the result of (B) as a result of  (C) resulted in
  1. The club spends money ______ salaries and facilities.
  • (A)  in (B) at  (C) on
  1. Any revenue __________ after the expenses is the profit.
  • (A)  left over (B) has left  (C) left behind
  1. If expenses are greater than revenues, the club will _________debt.
  • (A)  come into (B) go into  (C) be on
  1. The writers of the book Soccernomics used a type of investigation of these figures ________a statistical analysis.
  • (A)  called (B) are called  (C) that called
  1. When many people are in debt and struggling hard to meet budgets, it is _____________ that Americans complain about the high salaries of some professional athletes.
  • (A)  hardly surprising (B) hard to surprise  (C) hardly surprised
  1. Some of the ___________sportspeople earn more than 500 times this amount.
  • (A)  highest-paid (B) highest-paying  (C) highly paid
  1. _______ on fines for being suspended, Alex Rodriguez will receive compensation of up to $275 million over a 10-year contract ________ from 2008 to 2017.
  • (A)  Depending, running (B) Depended, running   (C) Depending, to run
  1. In fact, among the world’s current 14 top players, all but one ______ baseball players.
  • (A)  are (B) is  (C) to be
  1. Next in income come top basketball players, _______annual income is between $15 million and $20 million.
  • (A)  who (B) which  (C) whose
  1. Can these salaries __________?
  • (A)  be justified (B) justify  (C) be justifying
  1. Is what these athletes do ______ 1,000 times more than the work of a nurse, a doctor, or a teacher?
  • (A)  worthy (B) worth  (C) worthwhile
  1. _________such a comparison, many people would say that it is not.
  • (A)  Facing with (B) Faced by   (C) Faced with
  1. But assessing the worth of __________ is hard to judge.

(A)   what someone does  (B) what does someone do   (C) the things someone do

  1. _________argument, let’s compare it with a car dealership.

(A)   For the sake of   (B) With the sake of   (C) Due to the sake of

  1. The team owner cannot add more players _____ the filed.

(A)   to   (B) in   (C) on

  1. ______ any attractive item—gold, diamonds, Elvis Presley’s Las Vegas suit—scarcity means a high price.

(A)   As with   (B) As like   (C) Along with

  1. The typical career of a top athlete is very short _________that of a car salesman.

(A)   being compared with   (B) compare

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