Section 4: Heaven and Humanity are One

To demonstrate the interconnectedness between our human spirit and the spirit of the universe, and the alignment of our thoughts and intentions, the strongest evidence lies in the shared language between humans and nature: mathematics.

Since the earliest human societies, mathematics has played a crucial role, from simple arithmetic in trade to architectural surveying and astronomical observations. Ancient Greek scholars believed that mathematics was the foundation of philosophy and that human intelligence developed alongside its evolution.

As early as 4,500 years ago, Babylonians used cuneiform numerals for accounting, while the Egyptians utilized geometric principles to construct perfectly shaped pyramids. Today, we rely on mathematics to accurately send humans to the moon.

The difference between modern and classical mathematics lies in the fact that classical mathematics was restricted to the physical realm of "numbers" or "shapes," whereas modern mathematics has entered the realm of abstract concepts.

While mathematics originated from practical applications in daily life, it gradually freed itself from the constraints of the physical world. Around 2,500 years ago, the Greek mathematician Euclid developed plane geometry using five axioms and five postulates, which was a product of logical reasoning, analysis, and proof. Throughout history, mathematics has existed as an independent realm of the mind, without the need to rely on any external entity.

In contrast, other fields of human civilization, whether in the natural or humanistic realms, require appropriate tools for discourse or deduction of their theories from the kingdom of mathematics.

Physics, the study of matter, energy, space, and time, can be said to be the core science that explores the behavior of the universe, and it is also the science that is most closely related to mathematics.

Einstein once said, "I want to understand God through mathematics!"

And he did it! His "special" and "general" relativity have become the foundation of cosmology and have been experimentally verified. The theory of the interchangeability of mass and energy has become world-famous due to the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

In special relativity, the main mathematical tools are calculus and matrices, coupled with the " Minkowski Space Time Geometry and Lorentz Transformations " and General relativity relies on "Riemannian geometry."

The mathematics that Einstein used to understand God has long been in the mathematical treasure chest and was not specifically designed for God.

This demonstrates that mathematics, created by human wisdom without a specific purpose, can be fully applied to simulate and predict various behaviors in the universe. In other words, the minds of humans and the universe are aligned!

Moreover, many physical laws are induced based on experimental data, while Einstein did not rely on them. He was skilled at conducting thought experiments, such as observing lightning while sitting on a train moving close to the speed of light or imagining free fall in an elevator, which led to the development of his theories.

And he can guess the intention of God in constructing the universe because the logic and concepts of humans and heaven are interconnected.