Section 22: The All That Is

Dr. Michael Newton utilized his unique deep hypnosis techniques to explore the soul's life in the spiritual world, as recorded in his books "Journey of Souls" and "Destiny of Souls." Due to the high degree of similarity in the descriptions of the spiritual world from his many hypnosis cases, I believe the content is highly credible.

The soul is squeezed out of a colorful, luminous energy cluster, "just a small ball of white energy wrapped in a golden membrane," and goes through a process of nurturing, maturing, and education before beginning to reincarnate on different planets.

On Earth, the soul enters the mother's body approximately three months after conception and gradually integrates with the pre-selected brain system to become a complete person.

Taoism believes that humans have three souls: the heavenly soul, the earthly soul, and the vital soul, which may indeed have some basis.

The heavenly soul is the soul that comes from the spiritual world to be born, the earthly soul is the biological consciousness that evolves with the organism, and the vital soul is the unconscious that controls bodily functions. Except for humans, other living beings only have the earthly and vital souls.

I believe that no matter which type of soul, they all share the great spirit of the Creator.

Every heavenly soul possesses different characteristics, while the earthly soul, evolved from the earthly body, also bears various innate traits such as "hunger and sexual desires" derived from genetic evolution. The combination of these two aspects gives rise to the unique personality of each individual and marks the beginning of their life's story.

After completing their journey on Earth, the soul returns to the spiritual world, repairs any damaged energy, receives further education, and then arranges their next incarnation according to their free will.

Dr. Newton attempted to trace the origin of the soul's conception: the cosmic intelligence and the source of creation. However, the subjects he hypnotized were souls still in the cycle of reincarnation, and he did not have the opportunity to approach the high spirits that connect with the source of wisdom, so his knowledge was limited.

Fortunately, high spirits like Seth have given us messages, recorded in the book "Dreams, Evolution, and Value Completion" (published by Fang Zhi), to provide more insight.

Seth refers to "The All That Is" as the "primary complete entity," the source of all reality and experience. The All That Is has no form but exists within all forms.

For us, The All That Is is both invisible and unverifiable, existing as a vast subjective entity while also dispersing itself into the world of phenomena as units of consciousness. Each fragment of The All That Is possesses the total knowledge, wisdom, and ability of the whole, with an inherent drive for survival, change, growth, and creativity.

Therefore, the controllers of the material world are these units of consciousness, existing within basic particles and energy. It's no wonder that the laws of physics are thoroughly executed throughout the entire universe.

But where did The All That Is come from?

Seth says, 'It developed from another primary entity that is no longer present, and there are some questions I cannot answer because the answers are not available within the system of reality in which we exist.'

The search is never-ending, with one cause always leading to another!

All we can do is practice gratitude and keep our hearts in the present moment!

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