Section 20: Cycle of Life and Death

The universe was originally lifeless, but the Creator brought meaning to it by creating life.

Every life follows a cycle of birth and death, with as many deaths as there are births. To the gods, death is an inevitable part of this cycle and has no inherent meaning. Birth and death are intertwined, with one always accompanying the other. After death comes rebirth, and we must seek meaning within this cycle.

However, for humans who experience only one lifetime, the instinctual "greed for life and fear of death" is the same as that of other creatures. "Death" represents the permanent loss of family, property, and status. In this way, we view "life" and "death" as extreme binary opposites, and we often associate all negative emotions with death.

Despite the cyclical nature of birth and death, why did the gods create us with a fear of death and a desire for life?

Perhaps it is because if we are not afraid of death, we cannot take the challenges of survival seriously. Without the fear of death, we might give up in the face of major setbacks, unable to find the courage to overcome difficulties or gain the necessary experience. Only by confronting the reality of death can we fully appreciate the brilliance of surviving in adversity.

On the other hand, since the soul is eternal, why does the body have to face death?

Because without death, one cannot appreciate the value and meaning of life, and it will be wasted without cherishing it.

Without experiencing multiple lifetimes, we cannot fully understand the reason for enjoying life, the purpose of suffering, and the meaning of struggle. Through reincarnation, we can enrich our life experiences and learning. The countless possible combinations of poverty, wealth, nobility, lowliness, scholar, farmer, worker, merchant, military, male, female, and more, as well as different birth years, regions, cultures, and education levels, all result in vastly different life experiences. By experiencing different roles and situations, we can cultivate love and empathy and understand the path to a happy life.

The reason why memories of reincarnation cannot be carried in self-consciousness is obvious: it would not only cause serious interference with relearning but also cause confusion in interpersonal relationships and ethics. However, there are still very few cases where individuals have partial memories of their past lives, providing evidence for the reincarnation of the soul.

Although most people do not have memories of reincarnation, with the increasing popularity of hypnotherapy, more and more people are exposed to messages from past lives.

If a Chinese person learns from hypnosis that he followed Alexander the Great in one life and accompanied Genghis Khan in another, and more than 250 years ago, he fought against British cavalry with Native Americans in North America, even if he received Chinese cultural education from childhood, they would be shaken in their belief that are "descendant of dragon."

Have we reincarnated multiple times? How many friends and relatives have we had in each life? If we were to calculate it, we would realize that we indeed have friends and relatives all over the world. The server whom you just scolded at the restaurant might have been your aunt in a past life.

The understanding of reincarnation can expand our sense of self and help improve our relationships with others, ultimately promoting world peace.

The principles of reincarnation revealed in the Seth material and Dr. Newton's books state that humans reincarnate as humans and not as other animals. The purpose of reincarnation is to learn, and when one harms others, they will later become the victim to experience the lesson, rather than being punished. Seth also teaches that heaven and hell are illusions created by beliefs and do not actually exist.

I believe that the best way to help a student who fails an exam is to have them retake the same course. Reincarnating as an animal with unequal intelligence is like failing high school algebra and being placed in an elementary school arithmetic class.

I also believe that all man-made norms have specific social or religious purposes that are tailored to specific times and places, and that many of these norms may not be reasonable or used as criteria for life and death reincarnation. Even so-called "universal values" are difficult to maintain as absolute standards in the ever-changing times.

Let us always keep love and empathy in our hearts and help others whenever possible.

Perhaps, when we return to our hometown, God will simply ask: "Did you try your best to seek a life of love and happiness? Did you work hard to complete something that you found valuable? Come, let's talk about your experience!"