Section 16: Belief Creates Reality

Once you start delving into the Seth teachings, you will soon come across the doctrinal sentence "You create your own reality". This means that all your experiences are created by yourself.

There are two different levels of meaning to this statement.

At the level of self-awareness: With determination and courage, one can break free from adverse environments and improve their life circumstances. Essentially, it relies on human effort and is consistent with Adler's philosophy.

At the level of inner consciousness: When thoughts are strong enough, they activate the power within oneself, attracting various forms of assistance, both from oneself and from others, to achieve one's desires. This is the Seth teaching.

The English original of this statement uses the present tense because it is an unchanging truth that applies to the past, present, and future.

We can use our current circumstances to examine how past thoughts and emotions have shaped our current habits and identity according to this statement. If we are dissatisfied with our current situation, we can use self-awareness to correct our thinking and create the life we want in the future.

"Creating your own reality" also applies to health, as Seth teaches that "the body is the mirror of the mind" and that the body has "the ability to heal itself." When negative energies in the mind are cleared, even late-stage cancer can be quickly cured. Dr. Hsu Tian-Sheng has many medical records to prove this.

Dr. Lee Si-Tsuen, the former president of Taiwan University, has spent 25 years conducting scientific research on qigong, finger recognition, and telekinesis, among other subjects. In his book "The Science of the Spirit World," Dr. Lee discusses how the real universe is a "complex space-time" of eight dimensions, with the material world being a four-dimensional real-spacetime and a four-dimensional imaginary-spacetime coexisting in what is commonly known as the "spiritual realm." Any object in the real spacetime has a "virtual image" in the imaginary-spacetime, thus creating a phenomenon called "one object, two images."

In the book, he explains the physical mechanism behind the formation of virtual images and provides a detailed description of the scientific experimental process and records for the experiments on "finger recognition" and "telekinesis."

Participants in these two experiments must learn to "open their heavenly eye," which is like having a screen in their minds. In "finger recognition," the identified characters gradually appear on the screen in the mind. In the "telekinesis" experiment, the target object, such as a wire or a match, is brought into the heavenly eye using "intention" and can be moved, bent, or cut with the help of appropriate imagined tools.

In the heavenly eye, the object being operated on is the virtual image in the imaginary-spacetime, and Dr. Lee analyzes that "the heavenly eye first scans the virtual image of the object back to the brain. The virtual image of the object represents consciousness. When the consciousness of the object is awakened, it will enter a state of oneness with the mind." Human intention can transport or manipulate and transform it, and the processed virtual image is sent back to the object. "The state of oneness between mind and matter collapses and returns to the state of matter. At this time, the object will gradually transform into the result of the heavenly eye operation."

Based on Dr. Lee's years of practical experience in mainland China, he found that the younger the participant, the higher the success rate. The physiological explanation is that the pineal gland in the brain gradually calcifies with age. In theory, consciousness should be able to roam freely in the eight-dimensional space of the virtual and real worlds, but the self-awareness that grows with us in the material world every day, along with negative energy accumulated by the six senses, desires, and worldly temptations, forms an obstacle to enter the spiritual realm. The older one is, the deeper the barrier is.

Dr. Lee's research explains the operation mechanism of "belief creating reality": First, there must be sufficient intensity of intention, reduce the obstacles in the mind, gradually permeate the imaginary space with intention, establish the virtual image of the vision, and coordinate with the action in the real space, which will attract various kinds of assistance and ultimately manifest in the real world.

Some people may wonder why, despite purchasing lottery tickets for decades in hopes of striking it rich, they have never won a big prize. To these individuals, I would ask whether they rely on luck when purchasing lottery tickets or if they have a strong belief that they will win a big prize. Have they made any corresponding efforts or experienced the emotion of becoming wealthy when buying lottery tickets?

Often, dreams fail to materialize because our beliefs are filled with impurities like doubt or self-limitation that we are unaware of. On the one hand, we aspire to be wealthy, but on the other hand, we feel that we were born unlucky, lacking the determination, courage, and action required to change our circumstances.

The true challenge of getting rich by buying lottery tickets lies not in the strength and purity of our thoughts, but rather in the collective subconscious of everyone who wants to get rich. This subconscious is difficult for individual thoughts to influence.