Section 15: Seth Material

Jane Roberts (1929-1984) was an American writer, poet, and medium. On December 2, 1963, she began channeling a personality named Seth twice a week, who claimed to be an "energy personality essence" that had completed its reincarnations in the physical world and now spoke from a neighboring plane of existence to share with humanity the truth about the mind, consciousness, and life. Her husband, Robert Butts, recorded the sessions for 21 years, and they became famous for publishing the "Seth Material."

The Seth Material covers a wide range of topics, including God, soul, the origin of the universe, the nature of mind, material reality, soul evolution, various aspects of death and rebirth (including near-death experiences, reincarnation, karma, and past lives), dreams and consciousness, the purpose of life, the nature of good and evil, and the path to health, among others.

Seth refers to God as "All That Is," not as a personal deity, but as the total of all consciousness and creation, existing as pure energy without a physical body. Seth explains that we are all "practicing gods" who possess the innate ability to create our own reality through our thoughts, beliefs, and expectations, based on the principle that "belief creates reality."

Seth proposes that the universe came into existence because of thought, and that the physical universe is a manifestation of intelligent energy. In addition, Seth puts forward the idea that multiple universes exist, including material universes, antimatter universes, and dream universes, with energy flowing between them. Seth challenges the validity of the second law of thermodynamics by suggesting that energy is not dissipated, but rather recycled in other universes.

According to Seth, the soul is everlasting, and the body is a creation of the spirit, rather than the spirit being confined within the body. Consequently, our being is not contingent on our physical appearance, and we can freely move in and out of other realities and dimensions.

Seth's assertion is that humans did not evolve from primates, but rather existed as humans from the beginning. Additionally, Seth proposes that every living cell possesses a nature of love and that all living beings are interconnected, much like a web. In his teachings on health, Seth emphasizes the inherent self-healing ability of the body and regards the creation of the body as the greatest intelligence of the universe.

Seth stated, "All biological cells have the essence of love, interconnected like the internet."

An essential element of Seth's health philosophy is the belief that the body is capable of healing itself, a testament to the body's inherent intelligence. Life must express its power, and if it is stifled, negative energy accumulates in the body, which can lead to illness. Seth contends that the body serves as a mirror of the soul, and that diseases must be treated at their core in the soul.

Seth's philosophy centers around the concept that "the point of power is in the present moment," asserting that time is not linear, and the past, present, and future exist simultaneously. In this view, the present moment possesses the power not only to shape the future but also to influence the past.

For me, exploring the material world with a modern scientific perspective in the four-dimensional spacetime is not enough to "live happily and die in comfort." Therefore, I cherish all spiritual revelations that can construct faith, but the transition from thought to faith requires the essential process of "identification." Many aspects of Seth's philosophy are beyond my cognitive range, such as the origin of the universe and the evolution of species. I believe these are the perspectives of the higher spirits in a multi-dimensional spacetime, and I will not include them in my current belief system for now.

However, many views of Seth's philosophy have indeed affirmed and inspired many religious thoughts that I have speculated from the modern scientific perspective in the four-dimensional spacetime. For example, Seth's description of God is consistent with the God that Spinoza and Einstein believed in. Seth even goes further to believe that everyone is a "practicing deity."

Adler maximized the power of the present moment in daily life, while Seth emphasized that "the point of power is in the present moment" and that "belief creates reality."

Seth believes that "the universe is created by thought, and the material world is the materialization of thought." This can be explained by saying that "God's thoughts first establish physical laws and then create the material universe based on these laws."

Seth's spiritual teachings have similarities to the past-life messages discovered by Dr. Michael Newton through deep hypnosis. However, Dr. Newton's information comes from souls still in the process of reincarnation, while Seth's insights represent higher spirits.

While not a religion, Seth's philosophy has gained significant popularity in Taiwan. This is due in part to Ms. Wang Jiqing's translations of Seth's books, as well as Dr. Hsu Tian-Sheng's integration of Seth's perspective with Buddhism and Western psychotherapy theory. Dr. Hsu's lectures are both humorous and profound, and he has helped many cancer patients to self-heal with the power of the mind. His books, including "The Secret to Healing Cancer," have become bestsellers and have been translated into English.

With the nourishment of Seth's philosophy, I will continue my journey of identification.