Section 1: The Fall of a Superstar


This is such a heartbreaking news!


Kobe Bryant, a beloved NBA superstar by many fans, passed away at the age of 41 due to a helicopter crash that also claimed the life of his young daughter. This marks the end of a legendary and illustrious life. Bryant had a distinguished career, spending 20 years with the Los Angeles Lakers and becoming the youngest player in NBA history when he joined at age 18. Despite encountering 24 significant sports injuries, any one of which could have ended his career, his tenacity prevailed, and he went on to win five championship rings, be selected to the All-Star Game 18 times, and amass over 30 million All-Star votes in NBA history. With 33,643 total career points, he surpassed Michael Jordan's record. In addition, he won two Olympic gold medals.


Retiring in 2016 at the age of 37, Bryant's final game against the Utah Jazz, where he single-handedly led the Lakers to a 101-96 comeback victory by scoring 60 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists, 1 steal, and 1 block, remains an unforgettable moment. He authored his own book, "The Mamba Mentality," with the aim of inspiring future generations to dream boldly, work hard, and never give up.


Bryant's interests extended beyond basketball; after retirement, he founded a venture capital firm that invested in various industries such as data technology, sports media, video games, legal consulting, and telecom software. He was also passionate about film production and produced basketball short films that were highly regarded and analyzed offensive and defensive strategies of NBA stars.


The tragic and sudden death of a vibrant and energetic individual like Bryant raises the question of whether even the most exhilarating life must ultimately succumb to the inevitability of impermanence and the unknown timing of it taking everything away.

If we limit the meaning of life to what we can see in the material world, it becomes inadequate. Merely living in the moment and shining brightly is insufficient. We must broaden our perspective and seek to understand life in higher dimensions, beyond the material world, encompassing "before life" and "after death." As our ancestors have done throughout history, we can establish a religious perspective that aligns with contemporary knowledge, building upon the scientific foundation of the past century. We can contemplate the information that the Universe's Creator reveals in nature, pondering its intentions and searching for the true meaning of life.


I have developed a belief structure that fits with contemporary knowledge, and I will explain why shortly. The origin of life lies in the Great Spirit that created the Universe. The Great Spirit has shared a portion of itself with humanity, creating the human soul. The soul is eternal, continually reincarnating in the material world to experience, learn, and create. Through this process, the soul attains its potential and enriches the Great Spirit.


Kobe Bryant may have left behind his wealth and honors, but his spirit of bold dreaming, hard work, and perseverance has returned to the Great Spirit, enriching it. We cannot know for sure if what appears to be a disaster or accident is, in fact, part of the Creator's design, preparing the soul for an exciting challenge in another life.