On January 12, 2020, I sat in front of my keyboard, taking the first step towards fulfilling a long-held wish. Originally, I planned to write after visiting my birthplace in Lushan, Jiangxi, China, with a travel group a month and a half later. At that time, the COVID-19 outbreak had just started, and it was unclear whether it would become human-to-human transmissible.

Then, on January 23, Wuhan was locked down, and the virus quickly spread to various Asian countries, as well as Europe. Half a year later, all continents were affected, with nearly 14 million confirmed cases and almost 600,000 deaths. The Olympics were postponed, and the United States became a hotspot.

The pandemic is still ongoing, and there seems to be no end in sight. My spouse and I have canceled four overseas trips, unable to go anywhere. Focusing on writing and collecting data unexpectedly made this half-year very fulfilling. The writing project that I originally estimated would take more than a year was completed in about half a year.

Seeing so many sudden separations and deaths in the news every day made me more eager to share different perspectives on life and death.

However, how does one write about a big question that encompasses the universe and life? Any one of its topics could develop into a lengthy discussion. After much thought, I realized that my purpose is to guide readers' thinking and provide an overview rather than a deep dive. If readers want to delve into a specific topic, it is not difficult to find information in libraries or on the internet.

Therefore, I use a map-like approach to present my ideas, avoiding getting bogged down in details and losing sight of the big picture.

To seek new perspectives, we must boldly step out of tradition, not only breaking free from the framework of religion but also the constraints of science. However, it is essential to emphasize that in the four-dimensional material world, I am a believer in science. In the spiritual realm, I respect all existing beliefs.

Writing this book was a response to the call of higher dimensions, recording the thoughts that flowed into my mind.

Religion evolved in different historical backgrounds. Without religion, people not only live a difficult life but also lose a rich religious culture. Anyone who can be at peace with traditional religions should be respected and blessed.

For friends who also want to step out of tradition, let us learn from each other and enjoy a different life together!

Finally, I want to express my special gratitude to my dear wife. She has allowed me to wander aimlessly for many years, always using the excuse of "brewing a book on life and death." Furthermore, thanks to her active efforts, she has established a teaching website with 300,000 views, providing a platform for this book to be published.

I hope this book can be as helpful to society as the teaching content on the website.

Completed in Taipei, Taiwan, on July 17, 2020