1. Overpopulation happens when there are too many people for the food and resources _________.
  • (A)available (B) are available  (C) being available
  1. Overpopulation can also happen where is a reduction of the food _________ on farms.
  • (A)producing (B) produced  (C) produces
  1. He predicted that those settlements __________their food supply in the future.
  • (A)will outgrow (B) to outgrow  (C) would outgrow
  1. They _______ that populations could grow if they could guarantee their food supplies.
  • (A)pointed to (B) pointed at  (C) pointed out
  1. The world has seen massive increases _____ its population in countries like China and India.
  • (A)of (B) in  (C) for
  1. We take food from countries in the southern half of the world to the large populations in the northern half, ___________ needed.
  • (A)where it is (B) which is  (C) where is
  1. It seems that Malthus is no more correct now_______ he was in 1978.
  • (A)than (B) that  (C) as
  1. Over the next two centuries, the world population increased __________by a factor of six, reaching six billion in 1999.
  • (A)by a factor with six (B) by a factor of six  (C) with a factor by six
  1. ________people, there has also been an expansion in the number of domestic animals.
  • (A)Along with (B) Alongside  (C) Beside
  1. The rapid increase in the number of people __________first by farming itself..
  • (A)was possible made (B) was possibly made   (C) was made possible
  1. Staying in one place with the guarantee of food meant more babies _________.
  • (A)survived (B) survive  (C) to survive
  1. This ________a population increase.
  • (A)led to (B) leaded to  (C) led in
  1. The green revolution applied scientific methods _______ farming and greatly increased yields.
  • (A)to (B) for  (C) in
  1. They say that the effect ______resources is not only due to increased population.
  • (A)on (B) in  (C) of
  1. More and more land is used to grow crops for animal ________.
  • (A)food (B) feed   (C) fed
  1. Several European countries, South Korea, and Japan now have very low birthrates that ______ population decline.

(A)   point to  (B) point at   (C) point out

  1. Having a large number of children ___________a secure old age.

(A)   provides with   (B) provides for   (C) provides of

  1. Americans consume 11 times more resources than people _________Southern Asia.

(A)   living in   (B) live at   (C) living at

  1. In the time it ________ you to read this article, around 700 babies have been born.

(A)   has cost   (B) has taken   (C) has spent

  1. It is time to_________and tackle this problem.

(A)   facing reality   (B) face reality   (C) be faced reali

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