By Yu, Chi-fang

A girl of twenty-four may be still young and inexperienced, but with all the daring, courage and confidence which all things count on, I believe there is a lot to accomplish if only I try.

I was born in a large family with parents, 4 sisters and 2 brothers. As it is well put, “Two’s company but three’s a crowd”, you can well imagine what a grandeur sight there would be in my house. However my parents have all the love and patience that they managed to bring us up and send every one of us to either college or university. As I recalled, there indeed has been quarrelling and disagreement among us, but an even stronger love and tender caring outshone them all and united us together for any hardship and difficulty which lie ahead. I love my folks and I’m proud to say that I’m a family-oriented girl.

Just like most typical young Chinese girls, I am a little bit quiet and conservative. But this doesn’t mean I’m afraid to speak. I just want to be sure if I am communicating the right point to the right party when I speak. A life’s time is not too long to be wasted. That is why I want to stay conservative so as not to go astray. At least I have some time to think and decide what needs to be done.

After I was graduated from the Department of English Language and Literature of Soochow University, I have been working as secretary with Trantex Taiwan Ltd.  for two years. It has been a fabulously rewarding experience with so much to learn and so many people to work with. “Human Relations” is the first lesson a secretary has to learn. She must establish a cordial relationship with the boss and other employees. Then she can serve as a bridge to communicate to both. Other office routines require good skills, such as shorthand, filing, correspondence, writing reports, and especially using computer. Of course, a good command of a second or third language is essential. In my case, I not only majored in English but also took two years’ courses of both Japanese and French. In all, she has to be a very special assistant to help her boss in running the office. I believe I have trained myself well, worked very hard and succeeded to some extent. My reason for wishing to make a change at this time is to see more of this world by travelling, to meet people of all walks of life and not the least, to make more money.

One thing about being a stewardess that attracts me most is that you can make people happy with your good manners while servicing. Your efforts would not be a waste. And I will be greatly compensated just to see the smile on other people’s faces.