Personal statement

By Crystal Liu

I was born in an ordinary nuclear family, just like many others in my generation. However, because of my parents’ unique concepts of raising children, I have been lucky enough to lead a life of my own style since I was a little girl.

Unlike other parents of the fifties, who paid too much attention to discipline and obedience, my parents preferred that their child did everything of her own free will. Of course I would make mistakes, but in my memory, I was most of the time taught with reason , instead of gratuitous corporal punishment. “Respect is the most essential key to help you develop a good relationship with others, even with your own child!” my mother often said. In spite of the divergent background we grew up in, my parents made efforts to keep abreast of the times and to know what we youngsters were thinking. That’s why I think today (that) my parents are more than just my dad and mom--, they are also my close friends. Additionally, a mini family meeting to discuss family problems and exchange opinions of family members, has been held since I was a junior high school student. My parents believe that I have the right to take the floor and my suggestions should be considered since I’m old enough to act on them. .

My experience in this democratic family has developed my imagination and eloquence. Without strict limit, I can do what I want to do to sharpen my creativity and therefore I’ve always got great ideas about things around me. I also like thinking. With the training in the mini family meetings, I know thinking before acting is quite important and having my own view toward things instead of going with the tide is absolutely vital.

Looking into the future, I would like to seek a career in the areas of advertising and marketing. . For the two areas, I need to be armed with good communication skills, excellent expertise and outstanding cogency. Respect must be paid mutually while you are engaged in advertising or marketing, and I have long been accommodating and cordial to those whom I meet . A person like me is eager to get into a field that is based on human relationships. Advertising or marketing absolutely depend on person-to-person communications. Since I am 100% sure that I have communicative ability, , laborious obstructions will not detour me.