1.Think 與consider  表示「思考或考慮」的時候

Think 是最常用到的字,例如 think over、think about、have a think、give it some thought 都是與think有關的字眼。

(1)think about 花時間思考某樣事。

You’ve been quiet for a while. What are you thinking about? (你這麼久不說話,是在思考某件事嗎?)

(2)think over 仔細思考以便能做成決定:

Think it over and let me know what you decide to do. (仔細思考一下,再告訴我你的決定。)

(3)have a think 與think over 相似,是比較不正式的用法。

I’ll have a think about what route to take tonight. (我會再仔細想想


After he had had a think, he came up with a great idea. (仔細思考過後,他有點子了。)

(4)Give it some thought 是花時間仔細思考某件事。

I didn’t like the idea at first, but after I gave it some thought, I felt it was actually not so bad. (一開始我覺得這個點子並不可行,但仔細思考過後,我覺得還不錯。)


2.Consider比較正式,經過思考後對某人或某事有的想法與think over 非常近似,只是consider不須再加介系詞

Before buying a computer, you need to consider the cost. (買電腦前,你應該先考慮價錢。)

I’ll consider your proposal. (我會仔細想想你的提議。)

We consider this TV program suitable for young children. (我們認為這個電視節目適合孩子觀賞。)

I consider it an honor to be invited to give a speech at the conference. (受邀在此會議發表演說,我感到很榮幸。)


3.Regard 是認為某人或某事具有某種特質。

The dove is generally regarded as the symbol of peace. (鴿子被認為是和平的象徵。)

Some people regard the amount of money a man makes as a criterion of his ability. (一些人認為,金錢是用來衡量一個人能力的最好標準。)


4.Deem 是非常正式的字,因而比較少見。與consider意思相近。

I would deem it a great honor if the president agreed to meet us. (這是一份莫大的光榮,若總統願意接見我們。)




  1. Think about 花時間思考某樣事。
  2. Think over 仔細思考以便能做成決定。
  3. Have a think 與think over 相似,是比較不正式的用法。
  4. Give it some thought 是花時間仔細思考某件事。


Consider比較正式,經過思考後對某人或某事有的想法與think over 非常近似,只是consider不須再加介系詞

Regard 是認為某人或某事具有某種特質。

Deem 是非常正式的字,因而比較少見,與consider意思相近。