In contrast, On the other hand, On the contrary




  1. on the contrary(恰恰相反、相反地)


Ex:(1) When I first met him, I thought he was stupid and vain. On the contrary, he is smart and modest.

(2) A: I hear you enjoy cooking.

B: On the contrary, I find it rather unpleasant.



  1. on the other hand(另一方面)


Ex:(1) I hate working as a secretary, but on the other hand, there are also some advantages.

(2) The writing class is taking too much of my time; on the other hand, I’m learning a lot about writing.



  1. in contrast=by contrast / in contrast to(對照之下、與……成對比)


Ex: In contrast to your belief that we’ll fail, I am confident that we’ll succeed.

The American house is casual, and opens to a patio for outdoor living. In contrast, the Dutch house is more formal, and because of hard winters, is closed against the cold outside.