Spend, Cost, Take, Expense, Pay


1. Spend:

(1)通常使用spend時會以人當主詞,當要表達花費金錢來買你想買的東西或花費時          間、精力來做某事時都可以用此字。

公式:人 + spend + time/ money + (on)  + V-ing / N

Ex:Businessmen spend enormous amounts (on) advertising their products.
Engineers spend much time and energy developing brilliant solutions.
We spend about $500 a week on food.


Ex:We spend the night in a hotel.

△注意:spend money/ time on doing something
I spent$50 for this jacket.*
I spent $50 on this jacket.

另外,pay for (付費) 和 spend(花費)的差別是,用pay 的時候,是你一定要付的。而用spend 的時候你可以選擇的。

2. Cost:



⊙用法:The cost of + N/ V-ing

Ex:Many old people cannot afford the cost of heating their homes.
The students are given £50 a year to cover the cost of books and stationary.

(2)當動詞時,It 或其他事物都可用來當主詞。

⊙用法:It / 事物 + cost + 人+錢+to V

Ex:How much do these shoes cost? They cost £30.
It cost me $100 to buy this notebook.


3. Take:

當要表達花時間來完成某件事的時候,可用take 這個字。通常這個字和cost 一樣不會用人當主詞。

⊙用法:It/事物 + take + 人+時間+to V

Ex:Since the roads are very bad, the journey took us a long time.
It took her all afternoon to finish it.

△注意:如果用It 當主詞時,碰到時間用take,碰到錢用cost。

4. Expense:


Ex:I don’t know how the government can justify the expense of the project.
Her company sent her to Paris and paid all her expenses.

△注意:expense 和 cost 是同義字有時可互用。

Ex:The expenses of the trip = The cost of the trip



時間 I spend (on); (it) takes
金錢 I spend (on); (it) costs; I pay(付費)